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Reminder to All Residents

Water bill balances of $400.00 or more and any delinquent city services as of October 24, 2014 are subject to being placed on the Winter 2014 Tax Roll.

Goddard Road Construction Update 

The Goddard Road Reconstruction Project started July 8, 2014; this project will be done in two construction seasons. The portion from the railroad tracks (east of Shook) to Wayne Road will occur during the current 2014 construction season. The section from the railroad tracks west (downtown) to Romaine will be constructed in the 2015 construction season. The traffic flow into the downtown will be one way east to west on Goddard Road from Wayne Road. The downtown businesses will be open, please follow the detour signs.

September 22nd traffic along Goddard Road from Wayne road to hunt street will be shifted to the newly constructed roadway on the south side of Goddard in the east bound lanes.  Traffic will be allowed to flow westbound only.  The contractor will be working on the westbound lanes of the existing pavement to reconstruct the roadway.  This phase of construction is expected to last 5-6 weeks.  In addition, the traffic switch on Wayne road has occurred.  There are two additional phases of the intersection construction left to be completed.  The phasing of the intersection construction is expected to last until mid to late October.

For further updates and information regarding the status of this construction project, please visit To see a map of this and the other 2014 season road projects for the City, County and State, please click here.

Water Quality Update

Click Here for Romulus CCR Report

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“Envision Romulus” Vision Plan 

The vision plan is being built almost exclusively on public involvement, gathering information and consensus around a shared desired outcome for the community. To date members of the community have been asked to consider “ideas for the future” and the “kind of community they want to be part of.” Topics have included the environment, economic development, infrastructure, housing, transportation, community services, recreation and open space, and the community image and brand.
A Community Summit on June 4 attracted dozens of participants who answered questions and provided perspective regarding the future of the community. A community survey of 300 residents and 100 non-residents was also conducted to gain perspective on how the city is perceived internally and externally.
Project manager Aaron Domini, senior planner with OHM Advisors, a regional architecture, engineering and planning firm, said the process has provided “a fair assessment of the intuitive knowledge” of residents and other participants.
“We will use the information to shape the vision and goals and objectives,” Domini said. “The key is the community’s wants and aspirations. It’s truly the community’s plan.”
Domini called the turnout at the Community Summit “exceptional” during what was a busy time of the year for many people.
“To me, it says that the community is very interested in participating in the process and making sure voices are heard in shaping the community,” he added. “It’s also a reflection of community pride. I hope the August 6th turnout is equally as exceptional”.

The City of Romulus is accepting applications for Dispatcher

Applications are being accepted through August 29, 2014 and are available here or at the Human Resources Department in the lower level of City Hall. Please click here to find the job description.


The City of Romulus is accepting applications for a 

Part-Time Ordinance Officer

Applications are being accepted through August 22, 2014 and are available here or at the Human Resources Department in the lower level of City Hall. Please click here to find the job description.


The City of Romulus is hiring Certified or Certifiable Police Officers. Please click here to find the job description and application.

The City of Romulus is accepting applications for

Part-Time and Full-Time Firefighters/EMTs

Job description & questionnaire can be found below. All applications must be submitted to the City Human Resources Department located at

11111 Wayne Rd., Romulus, MI 48174.

For more information please call (734) 942-7512

Part-Time Firefighter/EMT Announcement

Full-Time Firefighter/Paramedic Announcement

Background Questionnaire

General Application


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