Fire Prevention Division

The goals of the Fire Prevention Division are to protect life and property from suffering, loss and damage due to fire emergencies. This division works within the community through public education and code management and advisement practices. It is responsible for:

Safety Information and Referral Assistance

Public Education is a top priority for the Romulus Fire Department. Fire Is Everyone’s Fight is a national initiative to unite the fire service, life safety organizations and professionals in an effort to reduce home fire injuries, deaths and property loss by changing how people think about fire and fire prevention. The following checklists from the U.S. Fire Administration can help you ensure your home is part of a fire-safe community.

  • Home Fire Protection Plan – Home is where the heart is.
  • Open Flames and Fire Safety – Don’t let your world go up in smoke.
  • Keep Your Home Safe – There’s no place like home.

A number of other agencies offer a wide range of helpful tips, including web pages designed especially for children.  The Romulus Fire Department has adopted Firepup® as their mascot and they have a special section on their web site just 4kids – Visit them today at

Information is available from the NFPA can be located by visiting their website at

First Alert also offers suggestions and materials on fire safety at
Smoke Alarms

Community Education Programs

Your Safety is our Goal…

The Romulus Fire Department offers a wide variety of community education programs to ensure the safety of all its citizens.  The fact is, most fires are preventable.

Current offerings

First Aid CPR and AED Training:  You can save a life using only your two hands.  Help make our community the safest for surviving cardiac arrest by participating in compression-only (also known as "hands-only") CPR and AED training.  Training is ideal for groups of 10-20 and includes hands-on training with mannequins.  

Fire extinguisher training: Learn how - and more importantly, when - to use a fire extinguisher during this interactive training program.  Training is ideal for groups of 10-20 and includes hands-on training with an extinguisher simulator.

Fire safety presentations:  From preschools to senior communities, we offer fire safety presentations for all ages.  A truck visit may be included for children's groups.  Fire safety presentations are also available at special events such as school picnics and other community outings.

Station Tours: Station tours are scheduled in advance in order to prepare for age appropriate fire and life safety skills, demonstrations of special firefighting clothing, viewing of fire apparatus and a walk through of firefighters’ training, report writing, kitchen and rest areas.

Home safety surveys/smoke detector installation: Find out what fire hazards are lurking in your home during free installation of smoke detector(s) conducted by a Romulus Fire Crew.

Community Ride-Along Program: Students and other community members interested in learning more about the Romulus Fire Department are invited to participate in the Ride-Along Program.  Requesters must complete a request liability waiver and may be subject to a short interview with an officer of the department.

  • Request to Participate in Ride-Along Program-Liability Waiver
  • Request for Service
  • Special Note:  The Romulus Fire Department makes every effort to honor as many requests as possible.  Please be mindful that the RFD must remain in service 24-hours a day to respond to emergency calls which may on occasion result in unforeseen delays or cancellations.