Fire Stations and Apparatus

28777 Eureka Road

The headquarters building provides offices for all administrative staff.  The station is staffed 24/7 with between 4-5 Firefighters per shift.  This is the facility from which the department interacts with the public for daily business needs and where people can contact for information. It also serves as one of the department’s response stations which houses up to four apparatus in two drive through bays.

new fire truck 2019

2015 FORD 450 Rescue Vehicles
EMS Vehicle Fire


7221 Middlebelt Rd.

In May 2019, Fire Station #2 became the City’s 2nd station to be staffed 24/7 with a minimum of 2 Firefighters.

Fire Station #2 houses a 2003 Pierce Engine, a 2015 BLS Transport Rescue, the department’s 100 ft. aerial - a 2000 Pierce, and a back-up engine, a 1989 Pierce Pumper.  


Engine #4 Pierce Arrow Pumpers
Engine 4
2000 Pierce Ladder
Fire Truck
1989 Pierce Pumper
1989 Pierce Pumper

2015 FORD 450 Rescue Vehicles
New EMS vehicle Fire