Fire Suppression

The goals of the Fire Suppression and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division are to protect life and property from suffering, loss and damage due to fire, medical and environmental emergencies.

This division is responsible for incident response as well as for the safety and health of its personnel.  Romulus currently has 21 full-time firefighting positions with a paid on call Battalion Chief and 2 part time firefighters that supplement the full time staff, enabling the department to respond to calls in a more efficient and effective manner.

This division provides the functions of fire suppression, hazardous materials incident response mitigation, rescue response, emergency medical service, training, alarm receipt and response.

Full-time personnel are recognized as members of an organized union, the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), Local 4126.

Our union representative team collaborates to promote a harmonious relationship between the City and the Association. Their goals are to improve public firefighting service, and to provide orderly and equitable means of resolving differences between the City and the Association.
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Emergency Medical Services Overview

The Romulus Fire Department provides Basic Life Support Emergency Response and Transport services and contracts with a third party ambulance transport provider for Basic secondary and ALS Response calls.  The department operates two State of Michigan licensed rescue vehicles.

The City a participant in Wayne County's Electronic EMS patient care record (PCR) system. The software is programmed to capture patient data upon receipt of a 9-1-1 call and provides enhanced capabilities for monitoring and evaluating patient care.  The Department is committed to the protection of an individual's private patient healthcare information and maintains a comprehensive Privacy Practices Policy.