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TIFA Goal and Objectives

TIFA Plan Vision
To plan for the proper use of tax increment financing dollars in a manner that will creatively, positively, and pro-actively contribute to the economic development and redevelopment of the Tax Increment Finance Authority District of the City of Romulus.

Goal #1  Offer improvement projects that seek to visually enhance the City and reflect its character thereby creating an attractive, memorable environment for businesses and residents. 


  • Create enhanced gateways into TIFA development areas with landscaping and entry signage.
  • Install streetscape improvements along major corridors.
  • Acquire land for open space and/or natural resource preservation.
  • Enhance imposing physical structures such as bridges, towers, and rail lines.
  • Eliminate blighted structures and obsolete structures such as abondoned buildings, utilitiy poles, billboards, and certain residential in airport flight path.
  • Accommodate opportunities for public art and creative design.
  • Improve the appearance of street signs.
  • Screen and enhance the perimeter of large development sites such as plants, the airport, and outdoor storage.

Goal #2  Improve the quality and diversity of the transportation system in the City to ensure convenient and enjoyable access to the City's important destinations. 


  • Conduct necessary traffic analysis to best understand level of service and capacity issues.
  • Improve the condition of roads.
  • Widen roads where necessary.
  • Control access and driveways along major roads. Coordinate enhancements with road improvements.
  • Provide sidewalks and pathways throughtout the TIFA district that link sites and major destinations.
  • Incorporate enhancement efforts into sidewalk system.
  • Address barriers to access such as the expressway and rails roads.
  • Consider and accommodate alternative modes of circulation such as transit to and through the City.

Goal #3  Expand and improve the services and facilities offered to the residents and businesses to improve the quality of life in Romulus.

  • Upgrade and expand public safety services such as police and fire to better serve emergency needs. Improve parks and recreation opportunities.
  • Advance the services and equipment of the Department of Public Works to facilitate improved maintenance.
    Update the City's water and sewer main system.
  • Improve the flow and treatment of storm water drainage.
  • Accommodate environmental protection, mitigation and clean-up as applicable.

Goal #4  Initiate research, planning, and other efforts to improve understanding of resources and opportunities in the TIFA district.

  • Conduct a study of the City's utility system to understand its future and current needs and to ensure long term durability.
  • Amend the zoning ordinance in a manner that promotes successful implementation of this plan.
  • Prepare necessary sub-area planning documents to focus specific development strategies on certain areas.
  • Consider opportunities for private/public partnerships in order to accomplish planned projects.
  • Develop an image promotion and marketing plans and materials for the TIFA.
  • Identify grant and other funding opportunities to assist with financing.