City Council

Telephone: 734-955-4506

... a government of the people, by the people, and for the people." 

It is the single greatest honor and continuous goal for the Romulus City Council to fairly, openly and actively represent the interests of the citizens of Romulus.  This is a diverse community and one that is experiencing tremendous growth.  While there are great opportunities, there are also great challenges.  As your elected council officials, it is our duty to work with the Mayor to meet these challenges head-on and resolve them with your valuable input.

Get involved with your City government.  Let us know what's on your mind.  And let's work together to make the City of Romulus the very best it can be.

John Barden, Mayor Pro Tem  Linda Choate, Councilwoman  William Wadsworth, Councilman  Celeste Roscoe, Councilwoman 
John Barden
Mayor Pro Tem
Phone: (734) 858-9362 
Linda Choate
Phone: (734) 775-1908

William Wadsworth

Phone: (734) 941-0616

Celeste Roscoe
Phone: (734) 942-1107
Kathy Abdo, Councilwoman Harry Crout, Councilman Sylvia Makowski, Councilwoman  
Kathleen Abdo
Phone: (734) 558-8618

Harry Crout
Phone: (734) 658-2251

Sylvia J. Makowski
Phone: (248) 921-3776