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Business Spotlight: Johnston Enterprises

Johnston Enterprises, formerly known as Johnston Lithograph, has been operating in the city of Romulus since 1961. The third-generation commercial print shop creates books, catalogs, flyers, posters, signage and banners for interested customers.

Founded in 1961 by Lorne Johnston, his two brothers and their father, the company employed 50 employees in the Metro Detroit area. The Johnston family chose Romulus because of its proximity to all four of their homes and prime location near the major expressways.

After attending college for one year, Lorne’s son, Keith, returned home and started working at the family print shop. By 1980, Keith had eventually worked his way to his current position as President, specifically overseeing the company’s production. Running the print shop alongside Keith are his two brothers, Kevin and Kurt.

“Going to work with my dad is a childhood memory I will always cherish,” Keith said. “Over the years, we’ve built relationships in the community and have made many friends. Even though I don’t live in Romulus, Romulus feels like home.”

Keith’s roots in the community go beyond that of operating a local business; he is also chairperson of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA). Receiving encouragement from Rev. William Kren and Mayor Burcroff, Keith joined the DDA as chairperson almost five years ago.

The DDA works with the community, business owners and City Council to attract and retain businesses. While the DDA can not give out permits or make final development decisions, the authority serves as a recommending board to the City Council. It also serves as a resource for potential or current business owners who may have questions.

In the past few years, the DDA has helped bring various businesses to the downtown community, including Artisan Brewery, Downtown Romulus Flower Shower Shop and Abernathy & Pickles. The board was also involved in restoring the Romulus Historical Park.

The DDA works hard to ensure Downtown Romulus is a vibrant and welcoming place for businesses and residents. In doing so, the authority plays a role in boosting our community’s local economy.

“We have a great group of people at the DDA who are committed to making sure Romulus’ business community thrives,” Keith said.