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City of Romulus Announces Intersection Improvements at Northline and Hannan Roads

For decades, the site has been an area of concern for Romulus residents, who have often cited its high accident rate. Immediately upon taking office in 2014, Mayor Burcroff began organizing meetings with Wayne County officials to bring attention to hazardous road conditions at the Northline and Hannan intersection.

Over the course of the last seven years, Mayor Burcroff and Wayne County officials have had frequent conversations about the need to repair the interchange, and County officials even participated in a city-wide ride along with the Mayor, exploring areas in need of improvement that are shared by both jurisdictions. Recognizing the need to make safety repairs, Wayne County and the City of Romulus developed a plan to turn the boulevard intersection into a necked-down standard intersection with a traffic light.

“The improvements at the Northline and Hannan intersection will serve as a solution to a problem that has plagued our community for decades, making the roads safer for both residents and visitors alike,” Mayor Burcroff said. “We’re pleased to have a good working relationship with Wayne County and thankful for their partnership on this much-need project.”

Construction is set to begin on April 15 and end on September 17. In the interim, the City of Romulus has placed a state-of-the art LEDC advance warning sign to direct traffic and reduce accidents.

Committed to the restoration and preservation of city infrastructure, the City of Romulus has completed several road and sidewalk projects in recent years. In 2020, the city completed a sidewalk project on Van Born Road between Fourth Street and Washington Street, linking a dense residential area to the businesses on Wayne Road.

The City recently submitted a grant proposal to the Michigan Department of Transportation to call for alternative funding to place a sidewalk on Wayne Road between Van Born and Wick Roads.

“It’s important that our residents have access to a safe route to downtown businesses and residential districts,” said Director of the Romulus Department of Public Works Roberto Scappaticci. “It’s also important that our residents feel heard. If they come to the city with an infrastructural need, we do our best to address the issue at hand.”