Water / Sewer Rates & Charges

Ordinance SectionDescription of ChargeN/AApproved
62-2 (h)Cross Connection Inspection FeeN/ASeparate Fee Disconnected
62-357Administrative ChargeN/A$70
62-361 (a)Final Water Bill ChargeN/A$20
62-361 (a)Missed Appointment Fee1st OffenseNo Charge
N/AN/A2nd Offense$20
(ref 62-372)N/A3rd Offense$40
62-361 (c)Delinquent penaltiesN/A10%
62-361 (d)Water off/on Service ChargeN/A$40
62-377Curb Box PlugN/A$20
62-377Meter Tampering Fee-Residential1st Offense$100
N/AN/AAll Subsequent Offenses$250
N/AMeter Tampering Fee-Commercial1st Offense$250
N/AN/AAll Subsequent Offenses$500
62-365 (a)(2)
62-406 (e)
Water consumption rate per 100 cubic feet

(O&M - $2.469; Debt - $.361)
N/A$2.830 100 cubic feet

62-365 (a)(3)Meter service charges (per size)3/4 inches$0.84 Month
N/AN/A1 inch$1.44 Month
N/AN/A1 1/2 inches$2.74 Month
N/AN/A2 inches$7.09 Month
N/AN/A3 inches$9.09 Month
N/AN/A4 inches$12.74 Month
N/AN/A6 inches$23.44 Month
N/AN/A8 inches$43.09 Month
N/AN/A10 inches$61.74 Month
62-365 (a)(4)Daily Charge for Temporary Connectionwater$0.54 Day/Residential
N/AN/Asewer$0.58 Day/Residential
N/AN/Awater$1.08 Day/Commercial
N/AN/Asewer$1.22 Day/Commercial
62-365 (a)(5)Water disconnection chargeN/ACost plus admin charge
$1,900 deposit for single svc or dual svc
62-365 (a)(5)Water reconnection inspection chargeN/A$200 + Admin
62-365 (a)(6)Meter installation chargeN/A$100
62-365 (a)(7)Hydrant meter deposit3 inches$2,500
N/AN/A3 inches$2,500 Agricultural
N/AN/A1 inch$500
62-365 (a)(9)Hydrant meter installation chargeN/A$50
62-365 (a)(10)Hydrant use chargeN/A$15 Weekly
62-365 (a)(11)Fixed Water Charge3/4 inches$16.81 Month
N/AN/A1 inch$23.31 Month
N/AN/A1 1/2 inches$53.15 Month
N/AN/A2 inches$95.93 Month
N/AN/A3 inches$211.04 Month
N/AN/A4 inches$374.14 Month
N/AN/A6 inches

$850.10 Month

N/AN/A8 inches$2,346.60 Month
N/AN/A10 inches to 12 inches$2,346.60 Month
62-365 (b)(1)Water debt and Capital Replacement ChargesN/A$700 Each Unit
62-365 (b)(2)N/AN/A$250 Each Additional Unit
62-365 (c)Water service installation charge1 inch$2,966
N/AN/A1 1/2$3,519
N/AN/A2 inches$4,207
N/AN/AOver 2 inchesCost Plus Admin Fee
62-365 (d)Standby fireline charge1 inch$10 Month
N/AN/A1 1/2 inches$10 Month
N/AN/A2 inches$10 Month
N/AN/A3 inches$10 Month
N/AN/A4 inches$10 Month
N/AN/A6 inches$16 Month
N/AN/A8 inches$24 Month
N/AN/A10 inches$30 Month
N/AN/A12 inches$36 Month
62-365 (e)Meter testing chargeN/A$50 Each Occurrence
62-365 (f)Meter frost plates-replacementsN/A$15
62-365 (f)Meter templates-replacements3/4 inches Full Template$69.20
N/AN/A3/4 inches Coupling Replacement Only$23.20
N/AN/A1 inch Full Template$102.75
N/AN/A1 inch Coupling Replacement Only$35.75
62-366 (a)(1)
62-405 (e)
Sewage disposal rate per 100 cubic feet
(O&M- $3.231; Debt- $.363)

N/A$3.594 100 cubic feet

N/AN/AN/A$0.153 non-resident
user fee

Council Resolution Number 09-314
WCAA Sewage Disposal Rate

N/A$2.981 100 cubic feet
62-366 (a)(2)Sewage service onlyN/A$29.33 Monthly
62-366 (a)(3)Sewage disconnection chargeCost Plus Admin Charge$1,900 deposit for single svc
or for dual svc
62-366 (b)Sewer service installation chargeup to 6 inches$1,600
N/AN/Aover 6 inchescontractor's cost
62-366 (4)Special sewer inspection chargeN/A$200 +admin
62-366 (4)

Sewage reconnection inspection charge
(Repair of existing Line)

N/A$200 +admin
62-366 (c)Sewer service installation charge for
low-income residents
Applicant and DependentsGross Annual Income
N/AN/AAdditional Dependents


62-366 (d)(1)Sewer debt and capital replacement charges1 inch$1,200
N/AN/A1 1/2 inches$2,670
N/AN/A2 inches$4,780
N/AN/A3 inches$10,690
N/AN/A4 inches$19,130
N/AN/A6 inches$43,050
N/AN/A8 inches$70,350
N/AN/A10 inches$105,520
N/AN/A12 inches$140,690
N/AN/A14 inches$177,270
N/AN/Aper additional unit


62-366 (d)(2)Sewer maintenance service charge3/4 inches$2.45 Month
N/AN/A1 inch$3.10 Month
N/AN/A1 1/2 inches$8.25 Month
N/AN/A2 inches$14.50 Month
N/AN/A3 inches$31 Month
N/AN/A4 inches$54 Month
N/AN/A6 inches$117 Month
N/AN/A8 inches$291.50 Month
N/AN/A10 inches$291.50 Month
N/AN/A12 inches$291.50 Month
62-376Tax Roll-Delinquent processing feeN/A$40 Ea. Occurrence
62-399 (a)(3)Sewer permits
(Verify bondedness, costs of inspection/review fees)