Romulus Public Participation Plan

What is a Public Participation Plan 

A Public Participation Plan (PPP), which establishes a model for effective public involvement, contains written procedures for including the public in a community's planning process

Click the link to view the City of Romulus Public Participation Plan: Public Participation Plan (PDF)

Community Engagement Statement of Purpose

The City of Romulus strives to provide effective communications that meet the City’s goals and objectives, as well as, provide accessibility and transparency in governance through a variety of methods to share ideas and information and understand the needs of the residents. The purpose of the plan is to engage City of Romulus community members to become more involved in the planning and decision-making process. The following addresses various projects and processes, including city-led visioning, master plan – recreation plan updates, and projects involving publicly owned land/properties.

The City of Romulus is currently seeking feedback from its residents on the following topics:  

Parks & Recreation- Sports Survey

Romulus Parks and Recreation needs your input for our programing this Summer! Please answer this short survey to help get Romulus active!

Visioning Plan

This Plan is intended to play an active role in the projects, programs, and policies in Romulus. To complete this Plan, the City conducted a comprehensive planning process, which included demographic research, existing condition and trend analysis, and extensive community involvement.

2015 Final Visioning Plan (PDF)